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In the last year, Billy Joe has had the privilege of coaching for three hours a week, a team of musicians that have had a second chance at living a good clean healthy life. Under his tutelage the RED ROAD ROCKERS have, over several months of rehearsals & preparation, recorded a 5 song EP courtesy of & at the Mid Ocean School for Media Arts. Anishinabe artist extraordinaire Kevin Anderson, who's designed a CD cover for Billy Joe's latest album, was asked to design a cover for the recording. The CD becomes available very soon, on a not for profit basis, to friends and families of the RED ROAD ROCKETS. Staff members Bev Roberts and Richard Walls are also to be commended for their efforts to create such an opportunity at the Red Road Lodge.


2009, 2006 and 2002 Juno Nominee ABORIGINAL RECORDING OF THE YEAR

2009 and 2006 Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards Winner BEST BLUES CD

2006 swept the WINNIPEG BLUES.COM AWARDS with 5 wins


2005 Indian Summer Music Awards Nominee BEST BLUES RECORDING BEST ROCK RECORDING

2001 Prairie Music Awards Winner OUTSTANDING ABORIGINAL RECORDING Also nominated for outstanding Album Design of the Year

2001 The Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards Winner BEST MALE ARTIST Also nominated for the best instrumental album and best blues or jazz album

Winnipeg Free Press's Jeff Monk
Reviews Billy Joe's Best of CD

Sunday December 30, 2007

Billy Joe Green is one of those seemingly ageless Manitoba Bluesmen who toil in relative obscurity, but continue to please audiences as far as their semi-reliable vehicles will take them. THE BEST OF BILLY JOE GREEN collects 10 HOT TRACKS (and one newly recorded bonus number) from three of Green's albums, and it's a doozie of a set. Billy Joe has a startingly raw guitar tone that he corrals into making some wonderfully hellacious sounds, full of sustain and personality. The dynamics of a track like SOUL SEARCH with it's careening Stratocaster howls and wild dive bombs can be compared to what Jeff Beck has been doing lately, and that's a tall order. By pushing contemporary blues to it's sonic limit and avoiding tired cliches, Billy Joe Green has created a boisterous body of work.
**** - JEFF MONK

thanx Jeff Monk fer the kind words,...the recognition you have given us is most encouraging and i must now make sure our upcoming CD is of equal listening value to our fans.
- Billy Joe Green